A man was sentenced to five years in prison on Friday for a 2014 manslaughter, the Travis County District Attorney's office said.

Joseph Mobley, 34, was arrested in October 2014 after he chased down Dwayne Guidry, hit him in the head with a hammer and then strangled him to death. Mobley told police he believed he saw Guidry steal a Domino's Pizza delivery man's car in South Austin.

Mobley chased Guidry in his own vehicle while his wife and children were with him. When he caught up to Guidry, he chased him on foot before hitting him with the hammer and strangling him. Mobley told police he strangled Guidry, "the right way," as he was taught in the military, the DA's office said.

"This case is tragic every which way," said lead prosecutor Efrain De L Fuente. "There's simply no need in the world for anyone to die for the sake of protecting a vehicle, or any other property. The defendant should have allowed the police to hand it, as they are trained to do so."