A man is accused of lighting a South Austin car dealership on fire before stealing one of the vehicles from the parking lot, according to police.

According to an affidavit for Terry Shaw, 18, on Aug. 30 at around 4 a.m. police received a call about a person ramming a vehicle into a different vehicle at a business called "Austin Auto Traders" at 617 Radam Lane. When officers arrived, the suspect had already left, but they noticed that the business was on fire. Crews responded and put the fire out.

Police spoke with a neighbor who said that the suspect was ramming several vehicles and spinning tires on the parking lot before the building was lit on fire. The neighbor told police that the building "was a converted house and there were people living in the house off and on to provide security due to previous burglaries, including up to a few days before this burglary," according to an arrest warrant.

Police found that before the suspect allegedly lit the building on fire, the suspect was ramming into vehicles in order to force them out of the way to drive through the exit in the parking lot. Once the suspect got the vehicles out of the way, he allegedly drove off in a 2009 Cadillac that belonged to the dealership.

On Sept. 2, when officers tried to pull over the 2009 Cadillac, the driver evaded police until he got in a wreck. The driver -- who was later identified as Shaw -- then fled on foot, and was later arrested.

Fingerprints that were taken from the scene of the initial fire and burglary matched Shaw, police said. Shaw was also connected to an earlier burglary at the same dealership. In that case, police said he stole a vehicle and left identifying information inside it that officers later discovered.

Shaw is currently in the Travis County Jail with a combined bond set at more than $315,000.