During a law enforcement initiative to locate credit card skimmers at area gas stations, the Travis County Sheriff's Office said a man has been arrested and charged with fraud.

The sheriff's office said officials made a stop to check fuel pumps at a Texaco/7-Eleven station at 15829 North Interstate Highway 35 on Monday when they noticed a white van parked at a pump and a man pumping fuel into a metal, non-factory tank sitting in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Officials said placement of this tank matched other diesel fuel thefts that have been observed during similar skimming schemes.

Court documents state that the vehicle did not have two license plates displayed as required by law and TCSO patrol units later made a traffic stop. A TCSO deputy said the man, identified as 38-year-old Yiandy Castillo-Leyva, also presented an expired driver's license.

During the stop, officials said a "bulge" of what the suspect said was "gift cards" was noticed in the suspect's pants, which the TCSO said are common tools used in card cloning. Documents state the cards were identified as five Visa or MasterCard branded cards and one Walmart gift card. None of the Visa or MasterCards had matching information on the front of the card versus the magnetic stripe on the back, court documents state.

Officials said that upon further investigation, a woman's name was encoded onto the magnetic stripe along with a 16-digit credit card number. After contacting the woman, reports state she informed officers that she did not know Castillo-Leyva and that Wells Fargo had informed her that her card may have been involved in fraud.

Court documents state the man has previously been arrested and/or convicted of credit/debit card abuse (convicted), fraudulent use/possession of identifying information (three arrests), and tampering with physical evidence (convicted).