A man has been accused of allegedly assaulting his roommate in her car because he believed that she stole his money, police said.

According to police, Robert Delgado, 37, and the victim allegedly drove to his storage facility in South Austin on Dec. 1. There, the victim alleges that Delgado beat her up and strangled her for about 20 seconds. The victim later told police she was finally able to escape after she jumped out of the car to get away. When police met with her, they said she had swollen lips with dried blood and that the inside of her lips were cut open. Police said she also had a small abrasion on her forehead and an abrasion on her knee.

In a statement made by the victim to police on Dec. 7, she said Delgado was angry at her for allegedly stealing his money. She added that Delgado drove her to a church in an unknown location, and then allegedly threw her out onto the street. When she got back into the car, Delgado allegedly told her he was going to drive somewhere and have her killed, police said.

Police found that Delgado had a prior conviction from Oct. 24 for assaulting a family member, according to the arrest warrant.

Delgado has been charged with assault by strangulation, which is a felony. His bond has been set at $100,000, and according to online records he is not currently in the Travis County Jail.