A man has been accused of allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, and throwing her into the trunk of his car because he felt she "disrespected him", police said.

On Dec. 11, the suspect, later identified as Alan Jerald Limuel, allegedly went downtown with the victim for her birthday and got into an argument with her on their way back home, police said.

According to the affidavit, Limuel allegedly hit the victim in her face while they were in the vehicle. When the victim threatened to call 911, Limuel allegedly grabbed her phone and placed her into a "chokehold", allegedly attempting to strangle her, police said.

The victim told police, she started kicking at the window of the rental car and was able to get away briefly.

Limuel allegedly came up from behind her and began choking her, dragging her back towards the car. Police said Limuel then placed the victim into the trunk of his vehicle and drove around for about five minutes.

The victim was able to find the emergency trunk release lever and opened the trunk, police said. The victim was then able to escape and called 911. The victim told police she believed Limuel was going to take her somewhere secluded to kill her and that he drove off after learning police had been called.

Limuel has been charged with kidnapping, assault by strangulation, and assault family violence. His total bond has been set at $170,000.

According to online records, he is not currently in Travis County Jail.