After getting in a confrontation with his mother and sister over a shirt, a man allegedly tried to light their home on fire, according to authorities.

According to the affidavit for Jeremy Cannon, the Austin Police Department was called to a residence off of East 10th Street at around 1 p.m. April 16 regarding a disturbance that took place there.  

When authorities arrived, they spoke with Cannon's mother and sister. Cannon's mother said that after she asked him about a shirt that he took out of a bedroom, he started to yell at her. His sister claims that after Cannon pushed her on the forehead and said he was going "to get his gang friends to 'murk' her," the mother called 911. 

After Cannon walked outside the home, he allegedly started splashing gasoline around the house and shouting that he was going to burn it down with the mother and sister inside.

When fire investigators arrived at the home, they found gasoline at different places around the home.

As investigators interviewed Cannon in the back of an Austin police patrol car, he admitted to throwing gas around the house. Cannon, who police said had two lighters on him, told police that he has "bad anger issues."

Cannon, who is currently in the Travis County Jail, has been charged with attempted arson.