A man allegedly broke into and robbed the cashiers office at Seton Dell Children's Medical Center in September, stealing more than $30,000, police said.

The suspect, later identified as Anthony Clayton Kavanaugh, allegedly took $31,436.38 from a cashiers lock box and safe in the hospital's cashier office on Sept. 23, according to a police report.

Based on information from surveillance video, police said Kavanaugh entered the hospital with a bath towel draped over his shoulders.

Police said Kavanaugh originally attempted to break into the hospital's pharmacy office but was not successful. He then allegedly entered the cashier's office for 10 minutes.

When he left the office, the bath towel was around his waist, causing police to believe he was concealing unknown items inside the towel.

The surveillance was reviewed by other Seton Hospital security personnel and Kavanaugh was recognized to be a prior hospital patient.

Kavanaugh has been charged with third degree felony theft from Seton Dell Children's Hospital.