A man has been arrested after he allegedly pushed a police officer into traffic along FM 973 and attempted to flee on foot.

According to Austin police, a vehicle with a trailer attached to it was found disabled on North FM 973 at FM 969 Tuesday. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jorge Medina. Police said traffic was "actively moving through in all directions" around the stalled vehicle. As Medina was waiting for a tow truck, the vehicle rolled backward and struck a marked patrol vehicle.

An officer who wanted to ask Medina if he was okay approached him. Medina rushed toward the officer and pushed him with open hands into the northbound lane of FM 973. This caused the officer to strike a vehicle in the lane of traffic and caused him to fear for his life. Later, the officer said he had soreness in his back and right tricep.

Medina then began to run away and ended up on the ramp toward eastbound FM 969 while traffic was moving at a speed of 50 mph. Medina was tased before he was arrested. While in the back of a patrol vehicle, he allegedly began kicking the glass of the patrol car before he began shaking violently "with a white foam substance coming from his mouth," the affidavit said.

As he was taken to a hospital to be evaluated, he allegedly spit on the face of an EMT who was helping him.

Medina has been charged with harassment of a public servant, assault on a public servant and evading arrest with a bail set at $35,000.