A man has been charged with assaulting a public servant after police accused him of kicking an officer in the face while they were responding to a disturbance on Sixth Street.

Police on foot patrol said they were flagged down in regards to a disturbance during which a man was resisting police orders in a dense crowd. After setting up a perimeter, police said the man tried to push through to get to the officers disregarding orders to back away.

According to court documents, an officer took the subject to the ground in order to handcuff him when he allegedly kicked the officer in the face so hard the officer’s head went all the way back, cutting his eyelid and knocking out a contact lens.

An assisting officer said the suspect, later identified as 23-year-old Taylor Eckel, then hid behind two people who appeared to be shielding him from view. When approached by the officer, he reportedly started to run away into an alley.

The officer said Eckel appeared to come out from the top of a dumpster then climbed a fence into an apartment complex where he was later found by officers on scene in the parking lot of the complex. Court document state Eckel was then arrested for assaulting a public servant and evading arrest.

Police said Eckel was later transported to the hospital for unrelated abdominal and chest pain. While at the hospital, medical personnel reported that Eckel tried to pull a female nurse’s hands down towards his genitals while being treated but she was able to pull away.