The Sutherland Springs Community Center has many roles.

Lately, it has served as a place for families to come seek comfort after the mass shooting at the church just down the road.

Workers said they are trying to help families in any way they can.

They set up a makeshift drive-thru to hand out free lunch to the community.

“We know sometimes when we get super busy, we forget to feed ourselves and we forget to do the most important things,” said Debra Morales, the community center secretary.

Morales said helping with the drive-thru keeps her busy and focused on the community’s needs, so she has not processed the shooting yet.

“I feel like if we were to really express how we feel, we would just fall apart,” Morales said.

She’s called Sutherland Springs home for nearly three decades.

Morales said she hates that her tiny town is now known to the world because of the shooting.

“Nobody knows where it’s at because we’re such a small community,” she said. “It’s kind of sad that we have to be known because of this incident that happened.”

Morales said she’s working to change that message.

“We want to be known for the town that worships God, that believes in God; our faith is what keeps this town going,” she said.