Austin has known Hyde Park Bar & Grill's fries are some of the best for years. Now, the nation is taking notice. Food and Wine Magazine named Hyde Park Grill's fries in the top 20 in the United States.

What makes the fries so great?

"I think they batter them and fry them, so they have like a lot of little crunchies all over them," said patron Don Robinson.

They have these fries that they dipped in buttermilk and then fry them," said fry-lover Dave Perry.

Whether it's the batter, the special sauce or the "crunchies," there is no doubting that they're popular. The two locations go through 150,000 pounds or 75 tons of potatoes each year.

"I got one guy that all he does is French fries," said Hyde Park Grill owner Bick Brown.

Brown admits his fry recipe is a bit of a hodge-podge of ideas.

"I had dabbled in different kinds of french fries in the past and had seen things," he said. "This recipe is a culmination of stealing recipes from previous restaurants a long time ago. Hopefully there's a statute of limitations."

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