Inside the luckiest store in Central Texas you'll find some of the luckiest hands.

The man who won $50,000 on a $3 scratch-off ticket a year ago understandably doesn't want to be identified.

“Any winning is good,” he said after winning another $35 in scratch-off tickets.

He's one of a number of lucky customers who have bought winning lottery tickets at John's Food Mart in South Austin.


Central Texas' luckiest lottery spots

John Chahda and his brother, Charles, opened up this place 25 years ago.

“We have, for like the last 10 years, had maybe six customers exceed $10,000,” said John.

"It makes you feel good that they're not just wasting their money. You wish all of them could win,” added Charles.

They have yet to have a winning Powerball or Mega Millions customer.

In fact, there have only been two jackpot winners in the entire state of Texas -- both up in North Texas.

Indiana is actually the luckiest state -- there have been 39 Powerball jackpot winners there, but Indiana started what would become known as Powerball back in 1990. Texas has only had the Powerball since 2010.

“Last year, we had someone win $250,000,” said Aftab Ali, manager of Q&Q Mart in Round Rock.

That keeps people buying at the Palm Valley store, which sells more lottery tickets than any other place in Central Texas.

In the last week, this store has awarded nearly $34,000 in winning lottery tickets. That may explain why customers like Janet Evans can't get enough.

“I'm very excited,” said Evans. “I just hope we win.”

The luck of the draw really is the lure of the lottery.

“You never know, Lady Luck might hit,” she said.

“We're hoping they cash in,” said Charles. “If they could win the big one here, I'm set.”

The pick that keeps us dreaming of winning big.

Your odds of winning the Powerball are one in 292 million. But you'll get another chance to score big -- the Mega Millions did not have a winner Tuesday night. So the next drawing is Friday, when the jackpot is estimated to be $418 million. It's the first time both jackpots have been above $400 million.

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