It's a mystery that Lauren Schultz can't quite figure out.

Schultz says someone stole her mother's ashes -- along with coins and important documents -- from her parents' home in southwest Travis County. The alleged burglary happened Wednesday night.

"Who would do something like this," Schultz said. "I just lost my dad three weeks ago and now my mom isn't here."

Schultz' dad died three weeks ago, and her mother seven years ago. The family was in the process of moving some of her father's things around when the burglary happened. Schultz says her mother's ashes were on the mantle near the photo she keeps of her.

"The other stuff I don't care about -- coins and important documents. I just want what belongs to us," Schultz said.

A security system has been added to the home and right now neighbors are on high alert.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office confirmed to KVUE they are investigating this case.