From dancing at the Capitol to singing in the school cafeteria, people across the state celebrated Texas Independence Day Thursday.

"God bless you Texas,” sang the fourth-grade students at Ford Elementary in Georgetown.

People celebrate the day to commemorate the date when Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836.

"It's kind of like the Fourth of July, it's like it's like USA's independence except it's for Texas,” said fourth-grade student Zoe Kriskey.

The students taught others about historic Texans by each dressing up as a historic figure, and creating a “wax museum” for fellow classmates, teachers and parents to learn.

"Remember the Alamo,” cried fourth-grade student Ryan Paul as he was dressed in his Sam Houston costume.

Paul, as Houston, said he’s been waiting for this day.

"Texas Independence Day means that my homeland, where I was born, this is the day that it finally became a country,” said Paul.

And as a fourth-grade student, he's enjoyed the project.

"I’ve always thought that Texas history has been so fascinating,” said Paul. "This was so fun to work on this project during my favorite subject with the best teachers ever."

Classmate Raegan Ramirez, dressed as Carolyn Jackson, is happy to share her knowledge of famous Texans with others.

"They don't know their story, and we can help them learn about them,” said Ramirez.

"They all shaped Texas history,” said Paul.

The students have researched and practiced for weeks.

"She was the first Mexican American woman to serve as a Texas legislator,” Kriskey tells her audience.

Kriskey dressed at Irma Rangel, and said this project is better than a worksheet.

"I really like it because I’m not always that huge on history but this is a really fun project,” said Kriskey.

The students wrapped up their day with a choir performance in the cafeteria.

"Deep in the heart of Texas,” sang the students, with an applause from the crowd.

The group repeated their performance Thursday night at the Williamson County Courthouse for the public.