Help is needed in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew left close to 300 people dead and thousands without power.

Mission of Hope Haiti says their organization is here to help by delivering food, water, medical supplies and tents.

"We've got several of our staff on the ground or in the air to Haiti," Joshawa Hodges said. "We pre-positioned over 200,000 meals before Hurricane Matthew hit the island. We've currently been distributing those meals."

The videos of the devastation in Haiti speak for themselves, but we haven't really heard the voices of those affected by Hurricane Matthew, like Macline Chery.

"Macline was someone who really stuck out to me," Cammie McQuilkin said. "She's incredibly smart."

McQuilkin has been sponsoring Chery for the past two years and in that time the two have become very close. McQuilkin was even able to attend her high school graduation last year.

"Just being able to see her graduate, to go down to graduation and see her walk across that stage when we know that the graduating rate is so low, is just amazing," McQuilkin said.

A major milestone despite losing so much after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit her home in 2010. Last Tuesday, devastation hit again.

"It's impacting my life because I know that's impacting her life," McQuilkin said.

But just like in 2010, McQuilkin believes Chery and her community can recover and the people behind Mission of Hope Haiti are here to help.

"Giving them hope and a future is what Mission of Hope is about, to care for every man, woman and child so that we can see that they have life transformations," McQuilkin said.

Tonight those behind Mission of Hope Haiti say help is needed. They can't continue to work without donations.

To donate to the relief efforts, click here or text @mohhaiti to 52014.