It's been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. With another hurricane pounding the southeast one Austin business owner is recalling his ordeal in escaping the storm.

Texas was one of the most popular states for Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Darold Gordon was one of them.

"I had a home and a business in New Orleans. We actually lost both of them," Gordon said. "Both of them went underwater during Hurricane Katrina."

Gordon and his family were forced to evacuate during the storm. They made their way through Houston before eventually settling in Austin.

"We came here, we had only the clothes on our back and a little cash in the bank that went fast. So we had to start all over and get on our feet here," Gordon said.

He now owns The Original New Orleans Po-Boy and Gumbo Shop on East 12th Street in Austin. His business has grown from a food truck to a brick-and-mortar location.

While Gordon is happy with his life in Austin, some scars still have not healed.

"It's probably the worst thing you can ever experience in life because you actually lose your family, friends, people that you grew up with, you lose your whole community," Gordon said.

Now, as Hurricane Matthew rips through Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, Gordon sympathizes with evacuees.

"Just been praying because this is about to be a life-changing event for millions of people, or thousands of people," Gordon said. "So they're going to need a lot of prayers and a lot of assistance from whoever can help them."

Gordon's is a rare success story stemming from a storm, but before that success came troubles and tribulations, one that many people are now facing firsthand.