There’s something special going on at this year’s annual Austin Film Festival.

For the first time ever, students at Akins High School in South Austin will get a chance to premiere their very own movie to a live audience.

Akins High School is home to the first of its kind filmmaker class for the district. It’s a two-semester program that goes through the entire filmmaking process. From development and writing to shooting, producing and editing.

This year’s feature film is called “Mad and Aloof.”

"It’s a silly little comedy about a girl who likes a boy and is desperate for his attention,” said Akins filmmaker teacher, Melissa Royer.

Each year, she explained, “students have the opportunity to work with Austin Film Festival and create their own original screenplays.”

In addition, once the film premieres, students will get feedback from professional writers.

Writers at the Austin Film Festival this year include the people behind Netflix hit iZomie, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Revenant, In Living Color, National Treasure, Saturday Night Live, Creed and Justified.

In addition, some of the writers behind Pixar and Disney’s latest hits will be at the festival hosting writer’s workshops.

One of the writers at the Austin Film Festival is “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator, Phillip Rosenthal.

"The writer is always the unsung hero of the business. Why? Because they're behind the scenes. But nothing happens without the script. Nothing,” said Rosenthal.

Several high-profile movies are also premiering at the festival, including "Wakefield" starring Jennifer Garner and Bryan Cranston as well as "Two Trains Runnin’" starring Common and Austin’s own Gary Clark Jr.

For a complete list of writers, premieres, and an Austin Film Festival schedule, click here.

The Austin Film Festival runs from October 13th through the 20th.