AUSTIN -- Moments after a Harris County deputy was killed while filling up at a gas station, local activist Antonio Buehler's Peaceful Streets Project responded on Twitter and Facebook, which led to a combative response from Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.

Buehler, known for recording Austin police officers, was arrested most recently for resisting arrest while recording police officers. The Peaceful Streets Project post said in part, "Pig executed in Houston. Probably shouldn't have joined a criminal gang. His bad decisions caught up with him. Blame his parents."

Acevedo responded by retweeting the comment and wrote, "This is how mind of so-called peaceful activist works & why police officers don't want him inches from their face."

KVUE reached out to Buehler for additional comment. He said that the rhetoric they used was a mirror of the rhetoric cops and their supporters use every time police kill an unarmed person.

Buehler was recently denied a seat on Austin's Public Safety Commission after council member Don Zimmerman nominated him to serve.