Former KVUE Anchor and freelance reporter Tyler Sieswerda was reporting in the Miami-area Sunday when he took a moment to catch up with KVUE reporter Jason Puckett.

While Sieswerda had reported on hurricanes in the past, this was the first that he reported on that affected his home.

"It's different when you're a reporter," he said. "You go into these things and it's terrible, but at the same time, you can go home a few days later. This is very's very humbling."

He said the reality in the Miami area thankfully wasn't as bad as predicted.

"People were very concerned that this was going to be a strong Category 4 hurricane raking across Miami, Sieswerda said, "We're still getting hurricane force winds here, but it is nothing like the West coast is seeing."

Sieswerda said that Miami itself sustained moderate damage mostly consisting of flood damage, downed trees and power lines. He added that the area was unfortunately impassable at the moment due to said downed trees.

"Something else that has sadly started here," he said," and you hate to see it - is looting. It's gonna be important for law enforcement to get back on the roads and protect people's property."

While the bulk of the damage is still to be seen, Sieswerda said the next part for residents is acceptance of what happened.

"It's just property and it's just things," he said. "What's most important is your life. Living here you understand that you're potentially in the path of a storm like this and now as long as we live through it we can get back and if things are gone, you replace them."