It's nights like this where you look around and notice a small-town comfort in a town that's no longer so small.

“Even though we're the fastest, or second fastest-growing city in the country -- we have been for the past two years. It's still that small-town feel,” explained Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross.

Friday night, thousands of people surrounded the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown for the annual Lighting of the Square.

“We never will miss the Lighting of the Square. As I said, we’ve seen this grow from 3,400 people sixteen years ago to today, there will probably be 4,000 people that are coming. They’re going to fill this up and sing carols, and the kids are just going to have a great time with Santa Claus,” said Bob Weimer, who has lived in Georgetown for sixteen years.

The elaborate lights, set up throughout the square, attracted the attention of onlookers.

“Just to watch all the lights on ... I'm 73 years old and it still gives me goosebumps,” said Weimer.

While the courthouse was the main area of focus, businesses on the square were some of the biggest beneficiaries.

"They have their employees staffed, and they're ready here. These people make the difference economically for these small businesses around the square,” said Weimer, who used to own multiple businesses in the city.

“A lot of the merchants, their make or break is the Christmas season, and this is a great way to start off the Christmas shopping center,” added Ross.

From pictures with Santa, money was raised for the Brown Santa program, which helps provide holiday means and toys to those in need.