A Leander restaurant owner has been charged with indecency with a child after he allegedly groped an employee who was younger than 17.

In May, Babloo George Singh, 50, walked up behind a female employee of his while she was doing the dishes and rubbed both his hand and what she believed to be his erect penis against her clothed buttocks, police said. She said he also put his arms around her in a hug while he allegedly grabbed her buttocks and breast and touched her thighs, "despite her telling him she did not feel comfortable hugging him."

The female also told police that Singh told her that he enjoyed sex and that he wouldn't say anything if they had sex together.

Police said that during a "controlled call" later, the employee called Singh over the phone and confronted him about touching her inappropriately. She said that if she works for him, he couldn't do that kind of thing. To this, police said he apologized, did not deny the incident and agreed to her request. Police said when she brought up the incident that happened while she was doing the dishes, "he cut her off and said she did not have to do dishes anymore."

A second employee who spoke with police said that Singh had made sexual advances toward her as well. She said he made inappropriate comments about the way she looked and attempted to make physical contact with her that she was able to avoid by maintaining distance or by keeping objects between them.

According to online records, Singh is in the Williamson County Jail Monday with a bond set at $150,000.