The Lakeway community came together Monday in support of a wounded veteran.

Army Corporal Alan "Doc" Babin Jr. will be receiving a smart home, thanks to donors and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Friends and neighbors signed the walls of the home that is under construction with messages of gratitude.

"It means everything,” Babin said. “I had no idea the community would come together like this."

He said he is so thankful for them.

"There's just no words that can explain how I'm feeling,” Babin said.

But the community is thankful for him.

“We need to all show our appreciation and support for our veterans and let them know that this community is 100 percent behind them,” said Kim Copeland, who wrote a message on the walls. “We can't wait for them to be here."

The Gary Sinise Foundation provides smart homes for wounded veterans like Babin.

While deployed, Babin's airborne division came under heavy gunfire in Iraq. While aiding a wounded soldier, Babin was hit by an AK-47.

"He underwent more than 70 abdominal surgeries as well as five brain surgeries,” said Chris Kuban with the Gary Sinise Foundation. “In addition, he suffered a stroke, meningitis and lost his spleen.”

Despite the odds, Babin has relearned to breathe, talk, eat and move.

This home will help him and his family.

"Alan requires maximum assistance to transfer in and out of a chair, in and out of bed,” said Rosie Babin, his mother. “With the lift system that's being installed in his room, you know, we're able to physically get some relief from doing that.”

The home will be controlled from an iPad, giving the Babins much-needed assistance.

And to remind them they're loved, messages are inscribed on the home's beams.

“The gratitude that all these people are showing me, I feel nothing but love right now,” Babin said.