Lake Travis hasn't been this full in October since 2007, and the last time before that was in 1986. You may think this would mean that businesses are booming on the lake, but some businesses are struggling and the problem is unique to the location

For Holly Boyer, Finance and Marketing Director at Austin Boats and Motors, boats are simply a part of her life. But before her company can get families out on the water, Boyer needs to get employees in the door.

"We're struggling, and I would consider us to have a fairly high turnover in our positions," Boyer explained. "A key issue for Lake Travis is this city still does not have public transportation. And in terms of housing prices, those remain extremely high, which leads to a more wealthy demographic, and local businesses that can't find employees."

"Honestly, one of our top questions now that we ask that we never asked before is, 'where do you live? Do you know where we're located?'" Boyer said.

The Lake Travis Thrift Shop is down the street from Austin Boats and Motors but doesn't struggle with their staff.

"We're primarily staffed by volunteers," explained Laura Hughes, Manager at Lake Travis Thrift Shop, which is owned by Ladies of Charity.

But the childcare facility owner next door to Lake Travis Thrift Shop is not so lucky.

"She had to close her business because she was unable to find employees," Hughes said.

Boyer doesn't know the definite solution to this employment issue but hopes to eventually see more ways into Lake Travis.

"There's pretty much two ways in, north and south. There's no east or west pass through that gets you out there, there's no shortcut," Boyer said.

Whatever the shortcut or solution to this problem, the city hasn't discovered it yet.