A warning before our temperatures take a plunge: there's a type of beetle invading Central Texas that could impact you and your pet.

They're called Asian Lady Bugs. They were imported into the U.S. back in the late 1960's to control agricultural pests.

But when it gets cold the Asian Lady Bug seeks warmth, specifically inside your house.

Texas Parks and Wildlife is already seeing them around Central Texas.

Asian Lady Bugs are tan to orange-red and they stink when you disturb or kill one. They can also stain surfaces with their yellowish secretions.

They are primarily harmless and do not reproduce inside your home.

They can bite if they land on you, but you'll hardly feel it. However, some pet owners have discovered that the Asian Lady Bugs can get into your dog's mouth and stick to the roof of their mouth.

It happened to a dog named Bailey in Kansas, as KAKE reports.

Signs your dog may have eaten some Asian Lady Beetles include lethargy and foaming at the mouth.

The best way to get rid of them is with a vacuum; remember if you squish them it will stink and likely leave a mark.