Each year, KVUE joins in on "Make A Difference Day." This year, we partnered up with SAFE Alliance in Austin, a group that serves the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence, to build a Sport Court -- a multi-use facility for teens living on campus.

Over a dozen KVUE team members helped install court padding, adjust fencing, and cleaned up the court foundation, all with the help of Sport Court CEO Greg Dettman. His business donated materials and assisted with funding the cost for construction, added to the $5,000 donation from KVUE and our parent company, TEGNA.

“The people at SAFE who work with these kids every day, they're doing all the heavy lifting. This is nothing, hopefully we can give them a little platform that they can do the work on,” Dettman said.

Staff members say the play area caters to their teens.

"We realized we have all these teenagers here, and a playground for five-year-olds, and we just started talking about it, wouldn't it be really awesome to have a Sport Court,” SAFE Alliance Chief Development Officer Angela Glode said.

SAFE Alliance says the basketball and volleyball court will help teens stay active and build stronger bonds with others in their community.

"Sports can teach so many morals of hardwork and dedication and how you can fall and get back up,” SAFE Youth Care Associate Shawn Garner said.

Garner works closely with those who live at SAFE. He says the excitement of the new addition was hard to contain.

“They [teens who reside at SAFE] were out here before the court was finished,” Garner added.

KVUE General Manager Kristie Gonzales was one of several volunteers. She became a board member of SAFE last year.

"I love our slogan KVUE Cares because we are like a family, so it means a lot for all of us to be together and helping the community like this,” she said

The project took about two weeks to complete.