Travelers will have one less thing to worry about when it comes to their pets thanks to a new pet hotel that has opened at Austin's airport.

Bark and Zoom is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s first pet hotel. It’s a place where passengers can drop off their dog or cat for 24/7 care.

"You don't want to leave them alone in the house -- to bring them into a place like this where people are into dog training, they're into loving dogs,” said Bradley Scott, president of Scott Airport parking.

The hotel is operated by Taurus Academy, a local Austin business that specializes in improving pet relationships. Wallace Mcelyea is Bark and Zoom's chief learning officer. His job is to help your four-legged friend become more social and add more precise communication skills.

"We have on-site veterinary services," Mcelyea said. "I mean it's just a total one-stop. There's never been anything like this."

The facility has partnered up with ZippiVet -- which operates during the day -- and have on-call vets during overnight hours.

Hotel staff is made up of between 15 to 20 employees, all with dog training backgrounds.

Customers and owners have access to a shopping corner filled with toys and pet food. Dogs have two playscapes, a guitar-shaped pool and 159 enclosures.

But if you want your pet to have a more comfortable stay, luxury suites are also available. Each is equipped with a small bed, a mounted TV and security camera.

Staff members feel it's all about convenience for owners.

"Depending on the flights or if flights are delayed, they can pick up their dog right away," Scott said.

Services are not exclusive to passengers of ABIA, but for anyone looking for pet sitters.

Prices range from one overnight boarding fee of $48 to $1,200 for up to two weeks of boarding, intense training and doggy boot camp.

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