When an Austin driver started hearing 'meows' coming from inside his car last Wednesday, quick thinking led him to a nearby fire station where firefighters made a surprising discovery.

The C-shift crew at Station 36 in South Austin were able to remove the car’s tire and a grommet holding the fender splash shield to discover a young kitten scared, but safe and sound.

“Firefighters Nate Mauldin, Justin Vinson, and Kevin Shuler get the gold star for their efforts to show how our mission goes beyond our name,” wrote the Austin Fire Department in a public Facebook post.

They wrote that the event was a good reminder that if you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, it’s best to have it checked out. And even though the weather may be heating up, cats still like warm spaces.

The kitten was returned to the driver upon rescue, the AFD public information office told KVUE.