Austin is the live music capital of the world, and this week travelers to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will get to see that first-hand, thanks to some of the city's youngest musicians.

"I feel really excited to get to play in front of this many people. Hopefully I can continue to move on to bigger stages," said Caroline Parker.

It's the 11th annual week-long "Kid Band Week," which features solo acts and bands comprised of kids 10-18-years-old, many of whom have never had the opportunity to play in such large crowds.

"I feel really lucky that I get to grow up in a music city where I get so many opportunities to play live shows," Parker added.

While she's personally grateful for the opportunity, she also hoped it could rub off on others.

"I think it's really cool that people are getting to see us do it. I think it can inspire kids to learn to play stuff also, and do what we do," Parker said.

Switching off between original songs and covers, passengers got a chance to hear an eclectic mix of music.

Following Parker on stage was Professor Rafe and the Fables, a four-person band. During their set, their song choices ranged from Bill Withers, to Gary Clark Jr., to Rage Against the Machine.

"I feel like we really connected well in that set. We were all looking at each other, which is really important," said Avery Johnson, who plays guitar in the band.

The varied choices, even getting people to pop their heads up from their phones.

"It felt good because everyone's on their phone these days. And you know - pay attention, get off your phone, let's see the world," said Jimmy Mercado, the band's drummer.

It's apt advice at an airport, where people literally travel to see the world.<

Apt advice everywhere, because if you look up, you may just see the hair flying passion of a band trying to make it.

And then you can say, "I remember when."

For more information on "Kid Band Week," click here.