After a Lakeway neurologist's medical license was temporarily restricted due to allegations that he engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior and comments toward two female patients, an administrative law judge at the State Office of Administrative Hearings has found that his accusers failed to prove those allegations.

In March of last year, the Texas Medical Board placed restrictions on Dr. Robert Van Boven, prohibiting him from seeing, examining, treating, prescribing or otherwise practicing medicine on female patients because of the allegations from April and May of 2015. Van Boven is a neurologist at the Brain & Body Health Institute in Lakeway.

The TMB initially said both patients’ statements were credible and that they found substantial similarity between Van Boven’s conduct with these two women. The administrative law judge filed his final ruling Friday, Sept. 15, which sates "because there are so many implausibilities and issues of doubt raised by the evidence, the staff of the Board failed to prove that the allegations of Patients A and B are true," according to the judge’s ruling. The judge also states in his ruling “Staff failed to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Dr. Van Boven is subject to sanction.”

The Texas Medical Board has 30 days to respond to the administrative law judge’s ruling. A TMB spokesperson says the sanctions will not get lifted unless the medical board agrees to lift them in an upcoming board meeting.