Airport traveling can be one of the most tedious parts of the holiday season. Between parking, checking bags, security lines and waiting at the gate - a lot of vacations turn sour before they ever really start.

This year, analyzed the 50 busiest airports in the country and ranked them best to worst.

Austin ranked 40th.

The website said their method was to take U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics on flight departures for November and December of 2013-2015.

They said they "factored in delays, canceled flights, Transportation Security Administration line wait times and restaurant ratings to identify the best airports in the U.S. for travel in November and December."

For some of the passengers at ABIA, the ranking came as a surprise.

"My immediate reaction is that if somebody is thinking that, they don't get out much because there are much worse airport," passenger Chester Webb said.

Dani O'Brien, another passenger said that ABIA has always been easy for her and that compared to bigger airports like O'Hare - ABIA had never "given me a nervous breakdown when I flew through."

ABIA spokesperson Jim Hallbrook told KVUE's Jason Puckett that Austin's ranking could be skewed.

"In November 2015, we had a highly unusual circumstance. The control tower for Austin's airport flooded. It flooded on October 31 and stayed flooded November 1 through 17," Hallbrook explained.

Hallbrook said that he understood the data used in the NerdWallet ranking but said the flooding incident in 2015 threw their normally decent numbers way off.

"It put us down by over 10 percent on our own times," he said.

While Hallbrook said the November-December holiday months can be extremely busy - he said the airport is fully prepared this year and well on its way to a higher ranking.