For Bastrop third grader Gabriel Flores, the letters may be the same, but the way he learns is a bit different.

In addition to reading and writing using Braille, Flores's teachers help create these tactile lessons for all subjects -- from math to science.

It's part of the lengths teachers in Bastrop Independent School District go to meet the needs of all students.

"We know that all students learn differently and some students need more support than others," said elementary principal Windy Burnett.

This week, Bastrop ISD is celebrating Inclusive Schools Week, which encourages schools across the country to create a positive culture for all --- no matter their ability, race, religion, language, or economic status.

In Bastrop, classrooms may include students with a wide variety of physical or emotional abilities. All of the students learn and play together.

Jackie Waneck is the Bastrop ISD director of special programs

"It's important for our students with disabilities, who may just have some delays in their development, to have an opportunity to learn from peers who do not have the same delays," Waneck said.

But she said the inclusiveness helps all students.

"We've seen growth in our students without disabilities really learn to love their students, and to accept differences as strengths," Waneck said. "The kids get to know each other, and they get to look past a student's disability."

This way students such as Flores can grow and learn at school, while feeling like she's one of the kids.