In an apparent fit of road rage, a woman has been accused of following another driver to her place of work before pulling her out of her truck and striking her face multiple times, according to an affidavit obtained by KVUE.

The affidavit said that on Dec. 13, the suspect -- identified by police as Mariah Dube, 26 -- was attempting to pass the alleged victim's vehicle on U.S. 183 when the lanes merged into one. Police said Dube was forced to brake hard and get behind the victim. At this point, the alleged victim told police Dube began to get "very close behind her" and followed the alleged victim to her place of work, the Austin Animal Center.

When the victim arrived at the shelter, she told police she got out of her truck, opened the tailgate to let her dogs out, then sat down in the driver's seat. She looked up and noticed that Dube's vehicle was now parked in front of her truck, blocking her in. That's when the victim said Dube got out of her vehicle and "began to scream something to the effect of 'You could have (expletive) killed us."

The victim told police Dube then approached her door and shoved it closed on her foot, causing her pain. Dube then allegedly reached inside, grabbed her and yanked her out of the truck, causing her to fall and hit her head. Dube then allegedly began to hit her repeatedly in the face with a closed fist. Police said Dube continued to hit her until a man who was in the suspect's vehicle pulled her off. Dube then drove away, police said.

During the assault, Dube lost her glasses and a skull ring.

The alleged assault caused the victim pain and swelling. The responding officer said that, upon arrival, the victim was bleeding from her nose and that she had blood all over her shirt and pants.

A witness confirmed with police the alleged victim's story and showed the officer a picture of the suspect's license plate.

With this information, police identified the suspect as Dube, a woman who matched the victim's and witness' description. Dube was found to have two outstanding municipal court warrants for her arrest, according to the affidavit. Police detained Dube at her residence, where she said the glasses and ring were hers. When asked about the incident, she told police that the victim spit in her face, "causing her to see 'red.'" According to the affidavit, "Dube admitted that she was in a physical altercation with (the victim) but stated that (the victim) was the instigator."

Dube was arrested for assault with injury.