The man who was taken by ICE from the Travis County courthouse earlier this year has been found murdered near his wife’s family’s home in Mexico.

Juan Coronilla-Guerrero’s wife warned a judge that her husband would be killed if the U.S. government followed through with his deportation. According to KVUE’s partners at the Austin American-Statesman, the 28-year-old man’s body was found on the side of the road Sept. 13 in San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato.

Coronilla-Guerrero’s wife told the Statesman four men barged into a house owned by her family in the middle of the night on Sept. 12 and pulled Juan from his bed at gunpoint. The autopsy report states Coronilla-Guerrero died from gunshot wounds.

“I knew that if he came back here, they were going to kill him, and look, that’s what happened. That’s what happened,” Coronilla-Guerrero’s wife told the Statesman.

Coronilla-Guerrero had arrived at the Travis County Courthouse on March 3 for a hearing when Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him on charges of illegal reentry, and the Statesman reported in March that he had previously been deported in 2008.