The ridesharing company Lyft announced this week its partnership with Guild Education. Through the program, drivers get assistance from more than 80 online non-profit universities and learning providers to obtain bachelor's and master's degrees as well as certificates and GEDs.

“We know many Lyft drivers are driving toward personal goals, which often include continued education and learning. Every day, drivers around Austin help us get to where we’re going. This program will help them to get where they're going,” General Manager for Lyft Austin Aaron Fox said in a press release.

In the release, Lyft said, “The vast majority of Lyft drivers drive part-time and use Lyft as a flexible way to earn income while they work toward long-term goals. Over 93 percent drive fewer than 20 hours a week; 92 percent are employed, seeking employment, full-time students or retirees; and 96 percent say flexible hours are very or extremely important.”

Guild says the partnership also allows them to pair students with advisors, and offers drivers tuition discounts of about 25 to 35 percent on average.

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