We wanted to see what elementary-aged kids would buy if they won the $700 million Powerball jackpot Wednesday night.

So we went to Brentwood Elementary School in North Austin and asked. And boy, did we get answers.

"A roller coaster," one said.

"My mom wanted a yellow jeep and my dad wanted a mustang," another student told KVUE.

"Um, I would probably buy a Ninjago Lego set because I love buying those and I might be able to when I grow up, get a job."

"I would save it and get more money and save it so I have a lot of money. I think I would do that."

"I would buy a really good house and buy my mom and dad some stuff. And I would buy myself some stuff too."

"A mansion with a fair in the backyard and a robot maid."

"A race car track or something."

"A boat, a house, a lake ... my mom's dream car, my dad's."

"Buy some basketball tickets for the Golden State Warriors."

"I would get room service, be a superstar," a boy named E.J. said.

E.J. quickly changed his mind.

"I would actually donate some of my money to children's hospitals," he said.

KVUE's Jenni Lee then told him, "That's nice, E.J."

"Un-huh," E.J. said.

"I would probably buy a tree house in my backyard because we can't do it in the front yard and I also probably donate money that need food," another kid said.

"I might buy another one of these tickets and then get more and more and more and then just keep on going."

"A speedboat."

"A leash."

"A cat."

"And I'd buy a lake."

"Go buy something."