The woman convicted of stabbing another woman 21 times in Hyde Park may be up for parole soon after only serving a fraction of her sentence.

Now, the victim is asking people to step up to help keep her attacker behind bars.

"As far as psychologically.. kind of making those steps forward every day... it's a long process," said Katie, who was stabbed by Pearl Moen in November 2015. For her privacy, Katie chose not to disclose her last name.

Katie said she was lying on a blanket in the Hyde Park neighborhood, waiting for her friend when it happened.

"He decided to go the bathroom rather quickly, and then I closed my eyes for a quick moment of solitude.. it was really nice outside too and that's when it happened," Katie explained. "I think that was the worst part, finding out who did this."

She says investigators told her Moen, who was 17 at the time, wanted to kill a stranger. Moen wrote about it in a diary after the attack.

Pearl Moen plead guilty to stabbing a woman in the neighborhood of Hyde Park.

"Very descriptive thoughts that she has concerning the before during and after -- about how it gave her an electric high unlike any other," Katie said. "They deemed that she knew what she was doing. She was fully aware. She had talked about wanting to harm someone before."

Moen pleaded guilty of attempted murder in January of 2017 and has now served two years of her 15-year sentence. In November, she'll be up for parole for the first time.

Now, Katie's urging the public to write letters of protest to The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles panel that will be reviewing Moen's file. They're due Monday, Oct. 9.

"Her getting out at this time - she's still going to be dangerous. She still has the potential to hurt somebody, and there is no rehabilitation that cant happen in that period of time," Katie said.

Letters can be sent to:
Mail: 8712 Shoal Creek Blvd Ste 265 Austin, TX 78757
Fax: 512-452-0825

Inmate Name: Pearl Moen
· TDCJ # 02111551
· SID # 50667664
· State “ I request that parole be denied for inmate Pearl Moen”