In Hyde Park, you're more likely to find history with a little twist.

It's a place where people feel comfortable walking around no matter the time of day. But that sense of safety isn't there like it use to be. Hyde Park seems to be dealing with a groper.

KVUE spoke to a woman named Lindsey, and she said she's the latest victim.

"I just felt like a tickle and a grab," Lindsey said.

Lindsey, 25 who asked us to disguise her face and not state her last name, said the man groped her from behind while she was walking home early Monday morning.

Lindsey says she didn't even have time to grab her mace. Lindsey was able to provide police with a very vague description. A white male, skinny build, 5-foot-10-ish with short brown hair.

"I actually tried to chase after him a little bit hoping he would pass the parlor because some people were there but he actually ended up going north on Avenue A," she said.

Women like Lindsey are a little more vigilant now after a number of groping incidents in the area.

In May, several women reported a man groping them as they walked through the neighborhood.

Last week, a woman reported seeing a man fully nude standing on the other side of her sliding glass door.
Austin police could not say whether the cases are connected.

As for Lindsey, a one-time occurrence is one too many.

"Be aware that it might happen, and if does happen, try to like get his face. Try to get any sort of identifying thing on him," Lindsey said.

If you know or see anything give Austin police a call. Patrols have been increased in the area.