It's a sign of the changing times.

The town once known as a farming community is working to become a hub for businesses.

Hutto's City Council approved a new Industrial Business Park this week.

"It's an excellent opportunity for the city to begin to compete not only regionally but nationally," said Hutto City Manager Odis Jones. "This is an opportunity for us to be able to compete for those deals that's in that market space."

Jones said the city created an Economic Development Committee several years ago, but every time they tried to attract a large business for the area, they couldn't complete.

"Because often times they show up on the scene and say, 'We like your community, but we need to be able to move and we need to be able to move in the next 6 months,'" Jones said. "Just recently we had a business from overseas and the first thing, 'Hey look, do you have a place for us to go immediately into?'"

City officials hope the Industrial Business Park will change that.

The first phase is expected to be about a million square feet, with about 6 buildings, hike-and-bike trails and a pond.

"Whether its deals for 500 jobs, 1,000 jobs, or 1,500 jobs and they all require that you have spec space," Jones said. "Up until now we just haven't been able to compete for those jobs and tax base, and now we're going to be able to compete for that."