The Hutto High School Drill Team stepped into some controversy Friday night when most of its members decided to take a knee during the National Anthem.

Hutto ISD confirmed to KVUE that 25 of the 28 of the drill team, known as the Hi-Steppers, kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem before Friday's varsity football game against the Elgin Wildcats.

Tisha Edwards is a mother of four and lives in Hutto. Edwards supports the students' right to free speech.

"If you can pack a sword now, this is what I was told or a gun down the street but you can't take a knee or kneel, you're probably praying or whatever you're doing, that's your right as an American," said Edwards.

Hutto resident, Jan Johnson, also support the students' rights to protest. But Johnson doesn't want it to happen during the National Anthem.

"If they're doing it for justice and against police brutality, that's ok with me. But I come from an age or I'm of an age where we definitely respect the flag," said Johnson.

On Facebook, under the Hutto, Texas 2.0 thread, people argued about the topic.

One woman wrote she was so upset because her brother in law was killed in Afghanistan defending this country. "Every time we stand to sing the anthem I think of him and others and I am proud to be an American."

A school spokesman told KVUE that it is not a fun time for the school district. They are dealing with an emotional topic which they are handling internally.

Meantime, administrators and teachers met with Hi-Steppers Tuesday morning to have a conversation, not as punishment, but to make sure the students know that their actions have consequences.

Read the rest of the Hutto ISD statement here.

Statement Re Hi-Steppers and National Anthem by kvuenews on Scribd