Celebrities and artists attended an event Saturday night benefiting those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The sold-out Strength in Neighbors benefit drew hundreds of people to Parlor & Yard in downtown Austin.

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey hosted the event and artists like Alpha Rev and The Wind and the Wave performed.

Strength in Neighbors started as a social media movement after the flooding from Harvey. The online community would allow those needing help to pin their location online, that way volunteers could rescue them. The volunteers say they were able to rescue more than 2,000 people.

About a month later, the group wants to keep the momentum going. 100 percent of the profits Saturday night will go toward those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"You know these initial band-aids are great but everyone reads the story about how eventually those things spoil or they go bad and it doesn't really help them to get back to sustainable living like they're supposed to," event organizer Matt Wolski said. "This event is going to push people into thinking about that."

"From this, we are going to take our funds and donate it to people over the next year," event organizer McCall McPherson said. "So every month each person will get a stipend of $100 to use on Amazon Prime.One other cool thing we're doing is people can directly sponsor families if they choose to. They can sponsor one person for $100 a month or a family of four for $400 a month."

If you'd like to donate to Strength in Neighbors, you can text 512-269-0797.