If you live in the 78704 zip code, KVUE is "On Your Block" this Daybreak.

The Zilker neighborhood is home to many popular city landmarks including the Umlauf Sculpture garden, Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Park. But it's the nuances that really make this neighborhood so special.

Up and down south-central Austin streets, overlooking Downtown, you'll find one of the most historic and coveted pieces of real estate in the city.


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Zilker has been around for nearly 100 years, but residents such as Paul Smith are still discovering it's hidden gems. Sure to catch your eye is a colorful house at Ann Arbor Avenue and DeVerne Street.

"Essentially this person had put tons of sculptures of different animals outside for people to look at," Smith said.

At this one-of-a-kind dwelling, you'll find a rooster, a zebra and even a couple of giraffes.

"It's part of the personality of Zilker," Smith added.

You also may have recently heard about Zilker's newest celebrity, Huckleberry -- the roof jumping dog. The golden retriever gained national attention for his unusual hang out spot -- the top of his owner's home. Visitors and neighbors gawked at the sight.


Roof-jumping Austin dog getting national attention

But in Zilker, everyone looks out for one another. And that same courtesy is extended to family pets.

"It got to the point where the owners of the dog would actually leave a note on the door saying, 'Yes, we know that our dog is on the roof.' Then that story went viral and Huckleberry landed on Good Morning America," Smith said.

Zilker also has a great little hot spot called Bluebonnet Food Mart where you can stock up on all your beverages and food. Locals swear by the market's fresh breakfast tacos and they are known for having a pretty good selection of wine as well.

"Just a mom and pop shop -- one owner. And the gentlemen is the kindest guy you'll ever meet," Smith added.

The Zilker neighborhood's sense of community really carries over onto Ford Street, especially when its time to trick-or-treat.

"They do their Halloween party where they shut down the block essentially and throw a large party for the families that are around. Zilker as a neighborhood is about community and then Ford gets the trophy within Zilker," he said.