Raising chickens can be hard work, but 11-year-old Maverick McAllister is up for the task.

"I have 76 chickens,” said McAllister. "It's just fun taking care of them and they do a lot of funny stuff, but sometimes it's like not that fun, because like you clean the coup, sometimes not that fun."

He gathers their eggs each day, about 50 of them.

"I have boxes they can lay the eggs in,” said McAllister. "I come out here every night about 5 or 6 o’clock."

He then sells them by the dozen.

"I sell them for $4 a dozen, and I offer a military discount for $1 off each dozen,” said McAllister.

But that military discount isn't all he's giving to those who have served.

"I wanted help bringing awareness and show appreciation to our veterans and active military,” said McAllister.

He planned to raise about $300 dollars through donations and sales to give to a military organization on Veterans Day, in honor of his great-grandfather.

"He served in the Korean war, and he was a marine,” said McAllister.

But McAllister raised a little bit more than he planned.

"$1,078,” said McAllister.

"He's always appreciated the military,” said Jacob McAllister, Maverick's father.

Jacob McAllister said the project was a team effort and part life lesson. He said he teaches his children to thank and respect veterans.

"It's not something that just comes about. I think it's something you have to teach and instill in your children,” said Jacob McAllister. "I just felt like it was important that my children completely understand how we get to do everything we do.”

He also tells his son to shake the hand of any veteran he runs into, and thank them for their service.

"I believe our military is overlooked. It's not that people don't care. It's just a lack of knowledge that they should have that appreciation. They just don't know. They don't know what those guys do every day," said McAllister.

"Makes me feel good like I made somebody happy,” said Maverick McAllister. "They protect our freedom, and we wouldn't be here right now if they weren't protecting us.”

It’s a protection McAllister won't let people forget.

For more information about Maverick's Egg business, visit his Facebook page.