You're going to want to keep water in hand or play in the water this weekend, because we have some record-breaking heat coming to Central Texas.

Friday's forecasted high is expected to reach a record of 105 degrees -- that would be the hottest day this year so far. Saturday's afternoon temperature is also expected to reach near 105 degrees

Since we have similar dew points the next couple of days, the heat indices will stay close to the ones we have been seeing in the Austin area: 103 degrees to 107 degrees except on the Edwards Plateau. That's why we won't have a heat advisory. But it will still be a scorching start to the weekend.

Here is the good news -- we have a cool front on its way. This will bring us rain chances starting Saturday night until next week. We should be enjoying less heat by Monday. Next week, we should stay below the 100 degree mark, which should be a nice relief.