A Cleveland couple transformed a horror movie set into a newly thriving Bastrop business. The business, renamed "The Gas Station," is offering visitors much more than expected.

“We serve BBQ and we have a horror gift shop and we have a cabin where people can rent,” said co-owner Lisa Rose.

But the biggest draw is that the building was featured in one of the most iconic horror films in the last 40 years, the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’

Rose and her husband Roy were eyeing the property for years. Lisa says ever since Roy saw the slasher flick in 1984, it's been a part of him.

After a few setbacks from the previous owners they were finally ready to sell, so the two flew in from Cleveland and bought the building.

“We were horror fans,” Rose said. “And that's why we did it and now we get to share what we love with everybody else.”

The couple invested $300,000 to fix up the abandoned property.

"The bottom three feet of the building was all ridden by termites, we had to pick it up and rebuild all the structure and then bring it back down,” Rose said.

24 months later, the little wooden building is open for business and people are noticing. Every hour groups of people would be caught snapping photos out front.

Rose says this is a place where fans can indulge.

"We saw that movie probably we were kids, so you're reliving your childhood,” said visitor Rebecca Eagan

Shalon Germanero is visiting the area from Los Angeles for Sound On Sound fest. She says as soon as she learned The Gas Station offered rooms, she jumped in her car.

“And then I cancelled our prior hotel reservation, and was like 'Holy crap, they actually have an opening today!'” Germanero said.

Whether you're looking for authentic gear from the movie, toys, clothing or BBQ, The Gas Station is pulling all the stops.

You might even run into the 1974 "Hitchhiker," Ed Neal, who makes surprise appearances.

"Like every time you turn around, you'll see a corner of the building or a doorway or wherever, that reminds you of what we were doing at that time,” Neal said.

The Gas Station opened their doors three weeks ago. They operate seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and are located off of Highway 304 going toward Smithville.

To learn more you can visit the business Facebook page, The Gas Station.