After growing concerns over a painting inside Canyon Ridge Middle School that some found to exhibit an offensive and anti-Semitic message, Leander ISD officials confirmed Wednesday it's been removed. 

The painting - which appeared to depict a person standing in front of a swastika shooting a horse, who was wearing a Star of David, in the head - had hung up on the walls inside the school since 2006. 

In a statement provided to KVUE, a district spokesman wrote: 

Canyon Ridge Middle School Principal Susan Sullivan took down the painting today. It had been on the walls of the school for 11 years and no concerns were raised, but it became clear that recently the origin and purpose of the painting was misunderstood by some.

The painting was made by a CRMS student 11 years ago to reflect how deeply moved the student was during a literature study in English class about the Holocaust and the horrors of those years experienced by millions of people. The painting also was created to reflect how much the student learned about the Holocaust from the literature study as part of the eighth grade curriculum.

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In an initial letter to parents, Sullivan apologized for not placing a written description next to the painting to provide context, and vowed to do so moving forward.  However, some felt the response was not strong enough and called for the painting to be removed.