According to witnesses in Cedar Park, a man swerved, hit a dog and didn't slow down or stop Thursday night.
That dog, Gunner, is now fighting for his life. He's in a kennel covered in bandages and blankets and recovering from brain and spinal cord injuries.
"He's an animal and a living thing and I just don't see how anybody with a conscience could do that," said Gunner's owner, Jennifer Gurgevich.
Gurgevich is visiting family in Cedar Park for Easter. That night, she said Gunner got out the front door and ran down Bagdad Road.
"A car kind of went by and shouted 'Marco' really loud," said witness Natasha Congrove. "... And then (he) just smacked right into him in the road and just kept right on going. (He) didn't brake after that or anything."
News of what happened spread quickly on social media.
"The community reaching out was just amazing," Gurgevich said. "It was totally surprising and I just I can't thank them enough".
Gurgevich filed a report and now Cedar Park police are looking for the driver of a gray or silver Nissan Versa that's missing a fog light cover.
"There's going to be damage on the passenger side where a fog light would be," Congrove said. "There was a cover and it popped off and we actually have it."
The vet said there's still a long recovery ahead for Gunner. They're not sure if he'll make it. Go here to donate to the GoFundMe for Gunner.