Austin City Council decided Thursday how to spend part of the $720 million Mobility Bond that Austin voters passed in November.
Here's how $39 million of the November transportation bond money will be spent:
  • $9 million will go toward Spicewood Springs Road at 360 
  • $12 million toward the Corridor Construction program
  • $18 million toward sidewalks, bike paths, vision zero and substandard streets
"We currently have a very small station," said Capital Metro Spokesperson Mariette Hummel. "It's a temporary station. It was always meant to be a temporary station."
The new station will be on 4th Street between Red River and Trinity streets. It will have two additional tracks and have a pedestrian plaza that connects riders to bikes, buses, car rentals and hiking paths.
Mayor Pro-tem Kathie Tovo was disappointed the current plans don't include public restrooms despite CapMetro pledging to make them a priority.
"It sounds as if restrooms were included in the original design and Capital Metro cut them for financial reasons," Tovo said.