A federal lawsuit in 2014 filed against the City of Kyle was dismissed Tuesday on appeal.

The city said the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit filed by Dr. Glen Hurlston against the city, Police Chief Jeffrey Barnett and others. The lawsuit alleged Barnett "abused his authority and connections in January 2012 by having Dr. Glen Hurlston arrested for domestic violence soon after Barnett left his position as police chief in the North Texas town of Princeton.” Barnett was police chief in Princeton from 2005 to 2011, when he became the Kyle police chief.

“The ruling by the appellate court confirms the City’s position that the case was malicious, frivolous and unsupported,” said Kyle Mayor Todd Webster. “It is our hope that with this ruling, we can move past this issue and continue with all the good work we’re doing in the City of Kyle.”

A Texas district court previously dismissed the lawsuit, stating Hurlston showed no evidence Barnett orchestrated Hurlston’s arrest. KVUE and its partners at the Austin American-Statesman previously reported Barnett had a relationship with Hurlston's then-wife while he was Princeton's police chief.