Fixing a major oversight when it comes to federal money and how it's spent: that's what's happening in Kyle right now after the mayor learned they had been operating without a state-required board of commissioners for the Kyle Housing Authority.

In addition, Mayor Todd Webster was unaware there was even a Kyle Housing Authority in the city, according to our partners at the Austin American-Statesman.

The issue was brought to the city’s attention after a routine inspection in March. In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban Development received some complaints that maintenance work on some of the units was not getting done in a timely fashion.

“I’ve had people come and ask 'hey can I take a shower here?' cause their shower's broken, and I'll have to take my kids over there cause it's on the weekends, we can't get people out here at all to fix stuff for us,” said one mother of three in a housing unit, speaking anonymously.

Overall, she said it’s been pretty smooth living in one of the two housing developments in Kyle that offer subsidized rent.

However, she told KVUE it can be difficult to get maintenance to fix a leak or problem immediately.

"It'll take maybe two to three weeks if not longer and we do have a lot of issues and I do have little kids so it's not a good thing," she said.

Turns out for years, the Kyle Housing Authority has been operating with only two employees: the executive director and a maintenance manager. State law requires that the city’s mayor appoint a board of commissioners to oversee operations and spending in the Kyle Housing Authority.

According to the Statesman, as soon as Kyle's Mayor Todd Webster learned about this major oversight he quickly moved to correct it, appointing a board of commissioners.

Now, this mother of three has hope that her apartment will get the attention it so desperately needs

"We will always have stuff broken, and to have a team to work on it, we wouldn't have to worry about those things like our kids not being able to take a bath sometimes or our sink not working," she said.

To give an idea of how small the Kyle Housing Authority is in relation to Austin, there are a total of 51 public housing units in Kyle and more than 1,900 public housing units that get federal funding in Austin.