KYLE, Texas – City crews in Kyle Tuesday night are working to install a pump system to fix a wastewater plant that failed on Sunday.

The City of Kyle said the center well bearing system in Plant 1 had a significant failure on Sunday, and that Plant 2 is online and functioning properly. The failure was in a component that removes solids from incoming sewage.

“Treatment and disinfection of wastewater is still occurring, meaning the outflow of effluent is still treated as it enters Plum Creek,” said Division Manager Jason Biemer in a statement. “If the solids are not removed at the same rate as normal, that could lead to treatment issues in Plant 1 and cause a disruption in Plant 2. The effect would be a release of partially treated effluent.”

The city issued an update Tuesday morning saying a pump is being delivered to the plant from Houston, and that crews will install the pump system at Plant 1 to mimic the function fo the center well system. A replacement part has also been found for the center well bearing system, and the city said a contractor is working to verify if it will work with the existing structure.

“We anticipate having the components replaced and plant operations fully restored over the course of about a month,” Biemer said in the update.

The city initially said the window for repairing Plant 1 would be at most several days to prevent overtaxing at Plant 2 and causing partially treated sewage from entering Plum Creek.

“Our staff are working 24 hours a day to resolve the issue and get the plant back on track,” Public Works Director Harper Wilder said. “They are doing continuous real-time monitoring including Dissolved Oxygen checks twice a day downstream.”

Wilder also recommends people and animals stay out of Plum Creek until the issue is resolved. Wilder added city staff has already taken steps to prevent untreated sewage from entering the creek.

The issue at the plant comes as the city nears the completion stage of engineering for an expansion of the plant that has been in the planning stages for around two years.

Construction of the plant is expected to begin in spring 2018.